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Coco Butter, Burke

Coco Butter has the type of hairy muff that you're going to require to lick up, down, and around without end. She just loves spreading that sweet chocolate fuckhole open wide and inviting her white bang buddy in for an experience that he is never going to forget. She throws her head back once he goes down on her, pushing her pussy up at his face and moaning up a storm. Once he gets her started he has no idea what kind of hairy vag passion that he's going to unleash. This is really Burke's lucky day, that's for sure.

Comments(0) 31 July 2015, 1:28 pm

Shevon Lane, Shane

Hanging out in the woods, chunky old broad Shevon Lane thinks she is alone as she masturbates. Shane comes across her on his hike and tells her she has a big hairy pussy and offers to shave it for her. She will only let him do so if he fucks her. She sucks on his long hard cock then bends over the tree trunk and gets pounded from behind. Shane wants a better look at her snatch so he shaves off her hair before continuing to fuck her like a dog. Laying back on the ground she straddles his dick and rides him into the dirt.

Comments(0) 2 June 2015, 5:41 am

Lake Russell

Hot stripper bitch, Lake Russel is one of those comfortable, ageless broads with one hairy beaver! She slides her fingers up and down, getting caught on her stringy pubes. Laying back all sexy-like, she shows off her toned tummy and beautiful pubic mound. This distinguished hottie then masturbates with her favorite fuck toy while anticipating the moment when she can get a real hard shaft up her fuzzy wuzzy fuck hole!

Comments(0) 21 May 2015, 4:28 am

Diana, Joachim

MILF-licious Diana has an incredible MILF body with large, swaying boobs and a tight, fuckable bum that you could ride like fucking seabiscuit. Added bonus Diana is also rocking one dead-sexy hairy fuckhole that almost looks like a brillo pad! See her get fucked like mad!

Comments(0) 19 May 2015, 5:18 pm

Lady Armani, Devlin Weed

Delicious ebony sex pot Lady Armani has been letting her pussy hair grow out and she refuses to shave! Bald headed stud Devlin Weed doesn't care - he just wants a hole to fill! Armani is looking exceptionally sexy in her black lingerie outfit with matching stockings; her stockings go all the way up her thighs, neatly framing her hairy pussy with about an inch of skin on either side. She is also in fine form when it comes to the sex, delivering a superb cocksucking and then taking it in her pussy hole. She's a really vigorous girl, aggressively pushing her crotch back against Devlin's pole, massaging every inch of his sensitive cock skin.

Comments(0) 12 May 2015, 10:04 pm


Tina is an exotic babe with an even more exotic pussy bush! It's long and illustrious hair, thick enough to brush and sexy enough to bang! That's exactly what her guy does to her after she slobs his knob. Watch him fuck her hard while combing her pubes! WTF!?

Comments(0) 28 April 2015, 3:04 pm

Steve Q, Slex

Watch as this classy MILF with large tits and a very hairy fuckhole craves a oversize hard dong in to fill her holes. She starts off on her couch getting her snatch prepped for the jumbo dickhead that awaits on the other side of the room. Her husband crawls over and helps her prepare by spitting on and licking her hairy vag, making it sloppy. After she sucks his manhood, getting it hard, he bends her over and plows straight in her juicy vag. She screams as she creams, and promptly rides his penis to another orgasm. He takes charge slaming in and out of her dripping cooter until he bursts his load onto her hefty mound of pubic hair.

Comments(0) 16 April 2015, 2:04 am

Cali Caramel, Tone Capone

Muscular black stud Tone Capone is horny on the bed when he is stirred by sexy young hottie Cali Caramel jumping onto him with a thump. She grinds her pantie clad ass against his meat, which soon stiffens to a throbbing erection. While Tone is still stirring up, Cali goes down on him, cupping his large testicles in one hand while she fellates his shaft. She rides the cock extensively and then the couple rotate through every position in a hot and energetic fuck. When he spurts, Tone pulls out his prick and sprays his load on Cali's extremely thick pubic hair. She looks disappointed - the dirty tart was hoping for an internal creampie!

Comments(0) 22 March 2015, 12:41 am

Ms. Dita, Jay Huntington

Ms. Dita is a large breasted female with a great sex drive. Sex is her living and she just cannot get enough of it. She starts by flicking herself and stripping her top to expose her lovely tits. She fingers harder and harder increasing moans. She is now juicy enough to require a dick inside that shaven twat of hers. She has a big dark dildo which she thrusts into herself and starts banging before she gets a real one in her mouth of Chance Caldwell. Chance then licks her vagina and gets her ready for a thumping round. He inserts his big penis in her and starts pounding her hard. When he cannot hold it anymore, he releases his oversize load into her mouth.

Comments(0) 25 January 2015, 4:49 am

Kimburly, Rock Johnson

Kimburly is the proud owner of one hell of a hairy minge, and her favorite past time is having her shaggy beast pummeled by her man's giant rock hard cock. Her sexy fluorescent green bathing suit is no match for that growling puss, and as she is sucking on that good dick it strains against her voluptuous body. Her man takes a deep breath and dives into the bramble-like pubes that encase her vagina, his tongue probing around in the dark until it finds her clit. She hops on top of his rod and grinds herself on the shaft, loosing a few stray hairs due to the sexy friction. With great enthusiasm, her man releases his cum load all over her chin.

Comments(0) 12 January 2015, 9:34 am

Nita, Byron Long

The first thing that you'll notice about Nita is her absolutely delicious hairy black pussy. The second thing you'll notice is that she's going to go ahead and shave it all off for Byron Long. Her long legs are spread wide, and she's making sure that that sweet slit is ready for his attentions before long. She loves the feeling of being freshly shaven, and she especially loves making sure that she's going to be fucked thoroughly by that stiff dick of his. She's moaning and groaning by the minute, shuddering in extreme pleasure.

Comments(0) 11 January 2015, 8:54 pm

Cherry Poppens, Dino Bravo

Cherry Poppens has a great name to go along with one of the best bushes that I've ever seen. She's a vibrant redhead that has a full out fiery pussy. Dino Bravo has never seen anything quite so hot, and he is going to be all over it in no time. He works his fingers into this hot love hole, loving the feel of that soft fur all over her. She is moaning and pushing up against his hand, wanting more and more. You know he's going to plow that hairy twat, and he's going to do it with a big smile on his face the entire time.

Comments(0) 10 January 2015, 10:34 pm

Ondrayah, Rock Rammer

Ondrayah is a black hairy pussy honey who knows what she wants, and she's going to go ahead and get it. Rock Rammer has the cock that she's been lusting after for ages, and she's going to go ahead and wrap her lips right around it as soon as she gets the chance. She just loves feeling that thick, hefty dick sliding down her throat, and before long she wants to feel that dong filling her up in her sweet pussy. She has a rather hairy pussy down below, so you'll have a real treat as you watch her getting naughty.

Comments(0) 3 January 2015, 7:34 pm

This horny MILF loves pecker. She invites her neighbor over, since she knows he has a large shlong. She greats him wearing her sexiest red lingerie and drops to her knees to suck off the neighbor. She shows him how much of a starlet she really is by taking his shlong all the way down her throat. She then bends over and shows the dude her sweet cooter and asshole. He proceeds to finger bang both of her old used holes before plowing his hard penis deep into her nasty asshole. He gives her a hard booty fucking and unleashes a jumbo spray of jizz on her hairy pussy. She then has him shave off her hairy bush.

Comments(0) 31 December 2014, 1:04 am

Cheyanne Foxx, Ray Black

You know what they say - black guys love that shit hairy! Big titty, voluptuous black bbw Cheyanne Foxx kicks off this clip by peeling her big boobies from her pink lingerie. Stud Ray Black is lying on the bed, and he reaches out to place his hand between her chunky thighs, rubbing their hairy coochie. Soon he is pounding that hirsute snatch, first in missionary and then in doggy. When this big booty tart rolls over onto all fours you better watch out - that ass is as wide as a house! The fat buttocks jiggle satisfactorily while he stud hammers her from the back, deep stroking her with the full length of his massive ebony cock.

Comments(0) 15 November 2014, 3:34 am


Creamy white honey, Gina masturbates her hairy vagina with a monster dildo. Looking sexy as bang in white thongs and stockings, Gina gets her furry cooche stretched out for the enormous pounding she's about to take from her guy! But he's on the sidelines, flicking himself, watching her pound herself out until she creams, and lays back exhausted!

Comments(0) 9 November 2014, 4:49 pm

Sparkle, Jon Q.

There's been chemistry between dude Jon Q and his sexy next door neighbor Sparkle for ages, and finally Sparkle makes her move. Waiting for her deadbeat husband to go to work, she immediately comes knocking on Jon's door, desperate to finally get her coochie filled. Her weak pecker husband can't give her what she needs, and she hasn't been laid for ages - hence the fact that she hasn't shaved her fuckhole! Jon doesn't care, because he knows the sight of a horny bitch when he sees one, and he can tell that this sexy slut is drinking for a good pounding. Jon doesn't even bother with a condom, just splitting open that hairy coochie straight away!

Comments(0) 2 October 2014, 11:34 am


Betty is one hot dark woman and she knows what she wants. Watch her writhe in ecstasy as she gets her hot, dripping beautiful hairy vag licked and prepares for the hard, long ebony shaft. Then Betty sensually takes the hard dickhead into her mouth and gives a wonderful blowjob. This sexy ebony model is then ridden from behind and from the front, with an expression of immence pleasure on her face as she is fucked like there's no tomorrow. Sexy Betty then prepares to take a hot load to the face, and closes her eyes in pleasure as the white hot cum is spread around her mouth and chin.

Comments(0) 28 September 2014, 7:34 pm

Mahogany Sweets, Tony Eveready

Mahogany Sweets is certainly the sweetest black amateur that you're going to come across, or on, as the case may be. She is downright amazing when she opens her mouth to give a blowjob, working her lips up and down that shaft until she's ready to simply guzzle down all of the cum. Of course she's not going to worry about the cum guzzling once he slides that dick in her, stretching her hairpie pussy so much that she almost cums right then and there. She has a powerful shudder as he starts to thrust in deep.

Comments(0) 26 September 2014, 5:54 pm

Carole, Nelson

Comments(0) 31 August 2014, 12:49 pm

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